Open Source & Free Software

AdAway is fully open and licensed under GPLv3+.

Custom Sources

Easily add your own sources of hosts files!

Custom Rules

Add exceptions to your whitelist, blocklist and rules for redirects!


AdAway is not available on Google Play! It was removed by Google due to Violation of section 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. Please install it from F-Droid.

Android 8 and above (v5)
Android 4.1 and above (v4)

Root not required with local VPN mode

Root support with "Systemless Hosts" Magisk


  • Main Screen
  • Host sources
  • Preferences
  • Update preferences
  • Root blocking
  • Backup & Restore
  • DNS requests logging
  • Help Screen
  • Support Screen
  • Changelog Screen

World map of AdAway users


Ads are not blocked when on mobile data connection!

AdAway will not work reliably when on Mobile Networks like 3G. You can deactivate that proxy by going to your selected APN (On Android 4: Wireless and networks -> More… -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names) and remove the value in the proxy field.

Ads in Chrome are not blocked!

Disable Chrome’s Data Compression Proxy.

Advertisements in Application XYZ are not blocked!

Follow this guide to find the corresponding hostnames and how to report them.

Application XYZ stopped working!

See this list of problematic apps for a workaround. If your app is not included fill a bug report and hope for help.

Back button in Android’s Browser stopped working!

Enable the local Webserver in AdAway’s preferences as a workaround.

Are there more hosts sources that can be used?

More Hosts sources can be found on the Wiki on Github.

Redirection Lists for blocked domains in China

Add Redirection Lists to your Hosts Sources to redirect blocked DNS requests to the correct IPs in China. This hosts source contains redirection rules for Google, Facebook, and other. (You need to enable “Allow redirection rules from Hosts Sources” in preferences).

More information?

Open the Wiki on Github.


You can get good question/response support from the AdAway XDA Thread. If no one there can solve your problem and you are then lead to believe it is truly an AdAway issue OR something new to enhance AdAway, then click the bug report button below.


Help translate AdAway! Everybody can participate at AdAway on Transifex.

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